Friday, February 4, 2011

Cypress all over the hizouse!

Here is Cypress on the go this morning!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Rushy come on down!

Hey friends and Family!
Our sweet little girl is almost here, and we are SO excited! Jonathan is working on the last side of the crib, and completely refinished a dresser and hutch for her room! Autumn, Tiffy, and I did a lot of folding and sorting of clothes and cloth diapers, and we're at a very organized happy place right now! Our baby girl is showing signs that she is going to come, and I am convinced that she'll be here before July comes! ;) Her due date is May 31st, so we'll see what goes down over the next few days! Here are a few fun pics from my photoshoot with Ammophotog, Amanda and Autumn took me out on the town! Click Here.
Love you all!

Monday, May 3, 2010

36 Weeks!

Hi Everyone!
We're still doing great! We've had so many adventures in the past few weeks between McCall, Featherville, growing bigger, two bay showers, great doctor appointments, seeding and getting our irrigation system in, watching the flowers grow, working way too hard, and just plain loving each others! Here are a few pics from tonight. I chose a great assortment from over the past few weeks, but then it got too late... so here's what we look like this week!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wild Rush Week 31

The three of us are 31 weeks this week! The baby is totally wound up today - hicups, lunges, giggles, pokes and jabs, you name it - she's up to it! We also just got our seed trays in today, so flower seed sowing will begin this weekend! YAY! We're all getting excited for another ultra-sound next week, and a doubling in weight (for her, not me!) in the next 8 weeks! Jonathan has been extremely busy working on our property! He's been digging trenches for irrigation and electric, working with contractors for dirt work and seeding (lawn and pasture), and been out until after dark with his shovel and headlamp every night! We have also been blessed to have some time to work on the baby room, and also to spend visits with Grandma and Grandpa Rush. I've just been working like crazy at the zoo for the past month, and the fruits are showing with the amount of amazing volunteers we have committed to our programs! We will take a BIG sigh of relief once April comes (bring a Rosy for April fools?!?!). Much love!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 24 and Prego Floato H2O!

What a wonderful week it has been! We (the babe and I) started water aerobics for preggers and it's been quite a blast! We work hard on core strengthening, upper and lower body conditioning, and cardio. You should see us pregos bobbing around the deep end on our noodles. I feel at home again in my body while in the water! Our baby just kicks all night long, even though I'm exhausted at the end of the day because she's like, "C'mon Mom! I do water aerobics all day long... keep up!" The other night it was really cool because she was sticking way out and Jonathan had already fallen asleep, so I spent about 5 mins giving her a back rub. I think she liked it. Tomorrow is week 5 of our super cool Calvary Chapel baby class, and we're watching "The Happiest Baby on the Block" - which we hear is awesome. So g!Mammy and g!Pappy are coming along for the ride! One thing to keep in prayer is for the mission team that has been arrested in Haiti. The 5 are from our church at Central Valley, and we are in constant prayer for them - as well as our pastors who have been up all hours this week with the media. Okay - now for a little SuperBowl induced sleep before another big week of Zooey Volunteer recruitment! Good night.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

23 Weeks!

Hello friends and family!

Here are a few more details about the recent milestones including the baby's 20 week ultrasound, finding out the gender, telling our families, and having Jonathan feel her moving in the tum.

Our ultrasound and check-up went fantastic! She is measuring a week ahead of schedule, she has long legs, every little piece of her is hand-knit by God to perfection, and she has beautiful feet. :) She did some fun things, like sucking on her fingers during the majority of the video debut.
She also covered her face with both hands when the ultrasound girl was trying to get a good pic of her facial profile! Sneaker! She hiccuped, and yawned, and even threw a few more gang signs our way! She signed the letter "K" and she even gave a thumbs up. What a character!

So guess what - she's a girl!
We had a blast telling family and friends! our favorites were having a pink
margarita delivered to Nick and Autumn at a restaurant in Moscow and having the waitress say, "Nick - here's a BIG PINK margarita because Courtney and Jonathan are having a girl!". Oh, that got a bunch of screams and holla's from Nick's dinner
group at Casa! We also threw a pizza party for the fam that Friday night. We
gathered everyone together as we took the pizza out of the oven, and in toppings we had spelled "girl". Well - everyone was saying "I knew it, I knew it!" and then we pulled out the next pizza that said,
"boy"! Oh man, that was priceless to see everyone's confusion. We made them vote - yet again - dragging everything out as dramatically as possible (hee hee hee). Then Jonathan finally made the official announcement, and once again, sheer pandemonium! :) Just how we like it.

We've been hit hard with some major colds this past week and weekend - so the baby's been trying to lay low and not squirm too too much. But we still get a kick out of each funny little yoga pose she strikes in there. Jonathan still is singing, dancing, and saying hi to the baby every chance he gets. Mom and Amanda and I went baby shopping for the first major look at what's out there in girl world. A heck of a lot of pink and frills. We're still hoping to go with a nice earthy green. She'll like that! :) As always, thank you for the love, support, prayers, and even the fun quick notes here and there letting us know we're not nuts. We love each of you so so much! Have a blessed week...

Monday, January 18, 2010

She's a SHE!

Take a look at our beautiful baby girl. We're a bit shocked, but are also thrilled that this is God's amazing gift to us, in the form of a little lady.